Through our partnership with Star Funding, Inc, we can offer you a fully vertical approach to Trade and Working Capital Finance by providing Purchase Order Funding, Letter of Credits, and Factoring facilities. Star will fund up to 100% of all your domestic and international purchases, if the goods are pre-sold. If needed, they will also fund all related logistic expenses such as, freight, duty, and warehousing.

At the end of the transaction, STAR will factor the resulting receivables.  They monitor each step of your transactions, from inception of your Customer Purchase Orders through the collection of your Customer Receivables.


We Connect

Star Funding is a privately held company which has been in the Purchase Order Finance, Letter or Credit and Factoring business since January 1999.

Star's typical client is a small to medium-sized company in the Import/Export, Wholesale or Manufacturing business. Star Funding finances most types of merchandise except for perishables or other products with questionable or extended terms or conditions such as consignment sales.




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